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Bingli: The Smart Medical Interviewer

Top 10 TeleHealth Solution Companies in Europe - 2020

Telehealth solutions allow healthcare professionals to deliver health services, education or training, and health information remotely using telecommunications technology. And unlike telemedicine solutions that focus more on clinical services, telehealth solutions cover a broader range of health services. Healthcare professionals rely on telehealth solutions to train healthcare staff, engage and educate patients about a preventative topic online, or remotely monitor a patient’s recovery after hospital discharge.

The key focus of telehealth solutions lies in leveraging telehealth solutions to make health and information services more convenient and efficient while at the same time increasing the quality of patient care and raising patient engagement. Telehealth solutions also helps in making healthcare and health education more accessible, particularly to remote locations. In recent years, many healthcare providers have started applying telecommunications technologies to their preventative, patient educations, treatment and patient monitoring services.

Telehealth solutions allow physicians to track a patient’s health and make it easier for both patient and doctors to stay in constant communication. This results in better treatment adherence, less appointments and emergency visits, and overall positive patient outcomes. With the rise of wearable technology and mobile medical devices, telehealth solution providers are beginning to offer software and tools that not only connect the patient and physician, but capture patients’ medical data. Telehealth solutions also facilitate two-way live communication between a physician and patient via video. These solutions are meant to substitute an in-person doctor-patient visit for quick follow-ups after operations or discharge to answer any patient queries. Further, telehealth solutions are also valuable for healthcare providers for remote consultation and medical education.

At this juncture, there is a wide variety of solutions providers entering the industry with a set of advanced telehealth solutions offerings. To help companies navigate through the best-of-breed telehealth solution providers, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of ‘Top 10 TeleHealth Solution Providers in Europe – 2020.’ The enlisted organizations help healthcare providers gain a stronger expertise with their telehealth offerings. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 TeleHealth Solution Providers in Europe – 2020.”

    Top TeleHealth Solution Companies in Europe

  • Bingli’s smart interviewer, at its core, is the world’s first ‘consultation preparation’ platform. It prepares the patient ahead of the consultation by asking the majority of questions that a doctor would ask during the consultation. This medical interview is carried out virtually, from the comfort of patients’ homes, allowing the concerned individual share all the necessary details of their symptoms and overall health condition, along with any relevant medical history. Bingli goes the extra mile by making the questions dynamic and aligned with patients’ answers. Bingli then gauges the symptoms and transmits this information to the doctor

  • With Care to Translate, the physicians, nurses, and other medical staff can communicate with non-native patients instantly and clearly in over 30 different languages. Even for healthcare establishments that employ professional interpreters, the Care to Translate application can complement their services during non-office hours, especially in ER departments. The application can be downloaded on any smart device running on iOS and Android platforms. It comprises preloaded phrases in organised playlists, from which the patients and physicians can choose the most relevant queries or replies when communicating with each other. For instance, the COVID-19 playlist will contain phrases most pertinent to symptoms of the disease. Likewise, the application also includes several other playlists ranging from flu to cancer

  • operates in different niche domains within the digital healthcare space. The primary clients of are corporate entities, such as banks, insurance companies, telecom service providers, and more. The clients typically leverage the’s white-labelled platform to integrate telehealth services on top of their existing employee wellness models. Notably, during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, is helping its partners improve and make their core services more attractive by adding mental health specialists and coaches to support their customers

  • e-DENTECH helps hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics improve their patients’ and residents’ access to a periodic dental checkup. e-DENTECH’s flagship solution, e-DENT addresses the various constraints faced by the different stakeholders involved in the diagnosis process— the quality of the teleconsultation, the time required to perform the teleconsultation, comfort, user experience, acceptability. The scientifically validated solution helps health professionals assess a person’s dental care requirements through remote diagnostics, real actionable information for providing personalized care. The e-DENT solution is a mix of five interrelated services and products: training, implementation and support services, software and equipment, which ensure that teledentistry is successful and sustainable

  • Implicity provides a remote monitoring and research platform used by electrophysiology centers to deliver better care of high quality for their patients with connected Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices. On this platform, Implicity aggregates, normalizes and standardizes data from any implantable cardiac device across all manufacturers. Furthermore, Implicity carries out R&D on AI-based algorithms aiming at improving patient care and serving the future of preventive medicine. With its project Hydro, Implicity will be able to develop AI solution through Health Data Hub*, one of largest database of patients with heart diseases in the world. Implicity covers 30,000 patients in over 60 medical facilities across Europe and the United States

  • Patients with acute diagnoses are often taken to the local hospitals and then re transported to the specialised hospitals after further examination, because of which in many cases, they either don't make it to the hospitals or get too late. Dr Martin Studencan, M.D, PhD, one of the leading cardiologists in Slovakia, identified the need to virtually connect the paramedics in the field with the specialist cardiologist in the cardiac centres during the life-defining moments. As a result, Martin Studencan, Jr. and Andrej with expertise in business and IT joined Dr Martin and founded the simple yet effective smartphone-based namesake digital communication platform for the healthcare sector, STEMI

  • Warmie monitors body temperature constantly and prescreens people at risk who should seek medical help at the initial stage of the viral infection. WARMIE is not a simple thermometer and is capable of not only single-point temperature measurements but also evaluating patterns of temperature changes. Given that body temperature changes throughout the day and depends on multiple conditions, it is more accurate to assess many measurements throughout the day and analyse them in comparison to an individual patient's baseline. To this end, Warmie offers a personalised medicine approach and based on time-series pattern recognition, alerts the owner of potential health risks

  • Dose System

    Dose System

    DoseSystem reminds citizens when to take their medication. So they can do better on their own. Relatives can be safe. And the nursing staff in residences, in home care and in nursing homes ensure medication on time and save resources. Without compromising the quality of service or the lives of citizens.We have developed DoseSystem to solve problems. Do not create new ones. Therefore, everything is designed,developed and tested in Denmark in close collaboration with nursing staff and citizens. On the following pages you can read about the medicine box DoseCan, the dosing box DoseTray and the DoseSystem app,which provides easy access to the entire system

  • Eutelmed


    A pioneer in tele-medicine since 2010, Eutelmed is the leading international operator of care and quality of life, intended for people on the move.Eutelmed manages an independent, international and multicultural network of health professionals offering a complete system of services ranging from prevention to the management and support of medical and paramedical care, via a secure tele-medicine platform.Respect for the relationship between people and professionals is at the heart of Eutelmed's actions.

  • Telios


    Successful companies expect their employees to give their best each and every day. This stress for success has a high price: we neglect our health and tend to treat the issues that come with it too late or not at all. Because “time is money” our mission is to help your employees stay healthy and increase productivity. Telios brings your business immediate and direct access to experienced doctors and other healthcare professionals. Employees save time by avoiding the issues prevalent with accessing traditional medical care, some of which are, synchronizing appointments with their schedules, wasting time in traffic and waiting room delays