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Top 10 Telehealth Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

Before the COVID-19 crisis, seeking medical consultation implied an in-person diagnosis at the hospital. It was a standard idea that doctors and patients needed to meet in person for a better diagnosis. When pandemic reshaped the healthcare sector amidst social distancing, telehealth came to the rescue. Telemedicine dates back to the mid-twentieth century when radios were used to provide medical advice on ships and are being adopted now more than ever. The European telehealth market is valued at USD 10.6 billion in 2020, and it is expected to reach USD 29.9 billion in 2026, registering a CAGR of 18.8% during the forecast period, 2021-2026.

Telehealth is extending its reach to vital healthcare services amid the social distancing that has been in practice for nearly two years. It provides safety to frontline healthcare workers by preventing exposure to infections and patients with ease of access to medical care. Traditionally, the move to digital healthcare has been slower because of compliance, regulation, and the conventional by-nature physical delivery channels of the industry. However, the walls seem to be breaking down, and regulatory processes are picking up the pace. Regulatory bodies are cutting some slack for telemedicine platforms, permitting new services and healthcare apps at a faster rate. Health-care delivery services are also integrating artificial intelligence (AI) systems into the suite of telehealth services, as both doctors and patients move from solely remote patient monitoring for continuous recording of vital signs to real-time alerts from a patient sensor when there is a deteriorating change in condition.

Integrating digitalized versions of diagnostic devices such as probing cameras, stethoscopes, ECGs, and online consultation services enhances the diagnostic and therapeutic value of the session significantly. With such capabilities, industry participants have a unique opportunity to shape the future of healthcare.

To help healthcare providers reinforce their operational capabilities and empower growth in the sector, Healthcare Tech Outlook has compiled a list of Top 10 Telehealth Solution Providers in Europe. The list comprises prominent organizations and solution providers and includes insights, best practices and advice for aspiring CIOs and CXOs.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Telehealth Solution Providers in Europe – 2021.”

    Top Telehealth Solution Companies in Europe

  • Aurora Innovation is dedicated to increasing access to care services and creating well-functioning work environments for healthcare professionals. Aurora teleQ, digital platform for contact management, brings together healthcare professionals and people in need of care – at a time that suits both across any channel, telephone or digital, resulting in a better experience for patients and a smoother process for healthcare professionals. The company was established in 2005and has today a turnover of approximately twelve million Euros. It has more than 90 employees working in development, sales, marketing and customer success.Aurora Innovation has deployed over 6,000 cloud-based installations for its customers around Europe.From its headquarters in Sweden and offices in Finland, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, Aurora Innovation is continuously expanding its leadership into new European markets

  • CarnaLife System combines a telemedicine module and advanced AI-based data analytics algorithms that allow clinicians to diagnose and monitor their patients and conduct consultations at any time and location. The application provides a unique opportunity to combine medical consultations with in-depth diagnostics supported by more than 20 types of CE and additionally FDA-approved medical devices whose outputs can be analyzed24/7. Such a unique combination of teleconsultation software with a range of remote monitoring capabilities enables long-term, in-depth, value-based healthcare. Further, due to its advanced data analytics and algorithms, CarnaLife System has been certified in Europe as a Class II b diagnostic support medical device

  • MedText has developed a simple, secure, and GDPR-compliant eponymous healthcare communication tool that serves as the backbone of Czech EMS’ pre-alert system. MedText’s messaging platform is easy to learn and secured with technical and operational safeguards that allow healthcare professionals to rapidly share patient information among caregivers while maintaining full compliance with data privacy legislation. MedText follows a strict B2B businesses model focused primarily on hospitals and ambulance services. The company offers its communication solution via a SaaS model. Any healthcare organisation can subscribe to the solution and create additional user accounts within the platform. Their partners can then download the MedText app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and start using it right away

  • PregnaScan offers a non-invasive cardiovascular and pregnancy monitoring telemedicine system that allows expectant mothers to assess health levels at the comfort of their homes. The company’s telemedicine system examines the cardiovascular system of a person to gain insights into the autonomic nervous system, which largely regulates bodily functions, such as the heart rate, digestion, respiratory rate, pupillary response, among others. This enables healthcare providers to remotely monitor the health levels of their patients and ensure a seamless pregnancy journey for expectant mothers

  • CSAM


    CSAM is a leading provider of niche eHealth solutions in the Nordics, pan-Europe and beyond. Our software solutions enable healthcare providers and emergency responders to access relevant clinical information at the point of care and when every second countrs. We create value through a unique blend of best-in-class innovative technology and outstanding human skills. Backed by strong financial partners, CSAM aspires to achieve continued growth both organically and through selected mergers and acquisitions

  • knokcare


    knok is a world leader in using data, technology, advanced analytics, and human expertise to help Insurers and Hospitals deliver a value-based care model. Together, we are enabling a more Preventative, Effective, and Efficient healthcare system and creating one of the most efficient platforms in the market that contributes to Better Patient Outcomes while Reducing Costs. knok|Panacea is the leading fully-integrated Telemedicine Platform. We partner with Hospitals, Healthcare organisations and Insurers to improve every aspect of patient care by delivering a user-friendly platform for doctors and patients.



    STEMI Global is a med-tech company wholly focused and committed to the development of communication technology assisting healthcare professionals in managing emergency situations. It combines progressive IT development approaches and a strong academical and clinical background. Our goal is to deliver a reliable and innovative technological solution with the aim to save lives of patients and improve the quality of their life.

  • Teladoc Health

    Teladoc Health

    Teladoc Health is the global leader in whole-person virtual care—offering the technology to connect, expertise you can trust and the power to improve health for all. Teladoc Health is on a mission to empower all people everywhere to live healthier lives by transforming the healthcare experience. Recognized as the world leader in whole-person virtual care, Teladoc Health addresses the full spectrum of health and well-being — powered by human expertise, advanced technology and insights—to deliver improved clinical outcomes at scale. Serving more than 175 countries and ranked Best in KLAS for Virtual Care Platforms in 2020, Teladoc Health leverages extensive expertise and data-driven insights to meet the growing healthcare needs of consumers and healthcare professionals.

  • TeleClinic


    TeleClinic GmbH designs and develops application software. The Company offers solutions for appointment of doctor, health advisory, and on-site pharmacy distribution. TeleClinic serves patients in Germany. Every day, we are committed to a world where patients can receive world-class medical care anytime, anywhere – from diagnosis to treatment. Our goal is to make access to the doctor, the pharmacy and thus also to the drug as easy and fast as possible via our platform. With this vision, we are building the leading platform for online doctor visits and thus creating a sustainable first point of contact for health questions.

  • Circletec


    Circletec is a portuguese startup founded in 2016 that delivers premium solutions in the fields of software, web and mobile app development. Circletec is a team of software developers and designers who have more than a decade experience in developing high quality products for clients. Our commitment and know-how is a proven formula for our own and our customers’ success. We support businesses and make clients happy in 2 continents. We use state-of-the-art technologies to create perfection and performance