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Top 10 TeleHealth Solution Companies in UK - 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption of telemedicine, presenting a myriad of challenges as well as opportunities for clinicians trying to manage. Amid such unprecedented times, Telehealth services can facilitate public health mitigation strategies by increasing social distancing. These services can be a safer option for HCP and patients by reducing potential infectious exposures and can also reduce the strain on healthcare systems by minimizing the surge of patient demand. Simultaneously, remote access to healthcare services may increase participation for those who are medically or socially vulnerable or who do not have ready access to providers.

Telehealth also offers convenient access to healthcare for patients, as they can attend virtual appointments with doctors from patients’ homes or offices. This eliminates the need to wait in front of the doctor’s office and reduces germ exposure risks in the waiting rooms. Such virtual appointments are also easier to fit in a busy schedule for both patients and doctors as they consume less time than on-site visits.

Finally, Telehealth allows people to monitor their health condition more conveniently with the help of mobile apps. For healthcare providers, Telehealth offers better coverage as it opens the opportunity to serve people outside doctors’ geographical reach. In short, incorporating Telehealth in a hospital’s practice improves the delivery and facilitation of health and health-related services, including medical care, provider, and patient education. Thus, it is imperative for organizations to thoroughly research and understand in-depth about the different Telehealth solutions available in the market. To help organizations and leaders select the best TeleHealth Solutions, Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted TeleHealth Solution Providers that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. We present to you “Top 10 TeleHealth Solution Providers in UK - 2020”.

    Top TeleHealth Solution Companies in UK

  • With Chairsyde platform, every dental practice will be able to seize the telehealth opportunities for improving their businesses and patient’s health. The platform takes into account the conventional patient interaction at dental practices and translates that virtually. Dentists can offer virtual consultation services to their patients and maintain goodwill with their existing patients through regular check-ups. They can also access patients’ complete medical history to understand their oral health problems better and send them post-consultation summaries through the platform as well. By and large, this teledentistry approach has helped dental practitioners improve their revenue by 32 percent after the initial drop of 70 percent at the beginning of the pandemic. To gain more traction of teledentistry, Chairsyde is now offering a free subscription of the platform to dentists

  • Using the latest digital technology, MD Consents provides an innovative, digital informed consent platform that supports patients and clinic staff in managing the informed consent process

  • Babylon Health

    Babylon Health

    Babylon is the U.K’s leading digital healthcare service. Our purpose is to democratise healthcare by putting an accessible and affordable health service into the hands of every person on earth. In order to achieve this babylon has brought together one of the largest teams of scientists, clinicians, mathematicians and engineers to focus on combining the ever growing computing power of machines with the best medical expertise of humans to create a comprehensive, immediate and personalised health service and make it universally available.Regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), babylon offers users a personal health service by providing immediate access to General Medical Council (GMC) registered doctors and British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) registered therapists.

  • Canary Sentinel

    Canary Sentinel

    The company provides an affordable gender-responsive preventive, predictive, personalised telemonitoring and clinical decision support systems

  • Doctor Care Anywhere

    Doctor Care Anywhere

    Provides healthcare services at the tip of the fingers

  • Health Call

    Health Call

    Provides digital healthcare solutions across the NHS

  • Immedicare


    The company is providing video-enabled clinical support to nursing and residential homes 24/7

  • my mHealth Limited

    my mHealth Limited

    Our current suite of apps support clinical teams and people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, diabetes, heart disease and most recently Covid-19. And that list is growing. We've built a 360° cloud-based system to support multiple user-groups including clinical managers, clinicians and patients. Fully remote health care, at scale. We connect clinicians and patients like no other online health care service, giving each side of the partnership a set of easy-to-use self-management tools, rehabilitation, educational courses, reporting mechanisms, a messaging system, checklists and more. And that means everyone benefits from my mhealth

  • SmartMed


    SmartMed was born from a desire to make a difference and enhance the levels of health care provided to millions of people across the world. Through regular vital signs and wellbeing monitoring SmartMed empowers the patient to take control of the management of their own long-term, chronic condition. Using the latest mobile telecoms and device technologies, SmartMed enables patients to live healthier lives by enabling them to manage their own health monitoring from the comfort of their own homes.

  • Telehealth Solutions

    Telehealth Solutions

    Offers a range of clinically driven, integrated solutions, designed to help people remain safely in their homes, assisting them to proactively monitor and manage their own health, whilst reducing social isolation